Aims, Objects & Methods


Aims and Objects:

To organise Irish men and women resident in Britain for the defence of their interests, in united struggle with the British working class movement, and in particular –

a)      To win support for the struggle of the Irish people for a united and independent Republic and to fight for the removal of all obstacles placed in their way by British imperialism.

b)      To fight for equitable treatment for all Irish people living in Britain.



The C.A. seeks to promote these aims and objects by: –

a) Winning majority support for them in the organised working class and democratic movement in Britain.

b) Working for the unity and strength of the Labour movement, especially the unity of British and Irish workers.

c) Supporting the principle of the self-determination of nations on a world scale.

d) Publishing or distributing or otherwise making known the teachings of the great representatives of Irish republicanism, especially of the socialist James Connolly.

e) The publication of literature explaining its aims and objects and methods.

f) Co-operating with other organisations in matters of common concern and affiliating to or accepting affiliation from appropriate bodies as may be decided.


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