Founding Meeting


A report from the meeting to found the Connolly Club, predecessor of the Connolly Association. From ‘Irish Front’, Vol 3 No 4, 15 August 1938, p. 2:


An important meeting of prominent Irish men and women in London was held on Sunday July 10th, to discuss the question of organising a Connolly Club in London. Among those present were staunch veterans of the struggle for Irish freedom, such as Sean Mulgrew, James Sally, and many others active in the Republican and Labour movements.

The discussion on the situation in Ireland and the tasks confronting the exiles was full and vigorous. Speaker after speaker showed how the situation in Ireland today after the Anglo-Eire agreement signed by De Valera and Chamberlain, proved the truth of Connolly’s teaching – “Only the Irish working class remain as the incorruptible inheritors of the struggle for Irish freedom”.

The terrible state of the people of Ireland, both North and South, in Eire and under the Craigavon dictatorship, suffering from unemployment, poverty, bad housing, exploitation, could be bettered by the establishment of a free and independent Ireland embodying the principles of the great leaders of 1916, Connolly and Pearse. Ireland must not become a catspaw of the British Imperialists in their war-mongering and pro-fascist plans, but must take her rightful place with the peace-loving Republics of Spain, China, France, Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Union in the struggle for peace and democracy against the fascist dictators, Hitler, Mussolini, and the Mikado supported by the British Tories led by Chamberlain, who are plunging the world into bloody chaos.

In this struggle the Irish exile can play their part by supporting the struggle for Irish freedom on the principles of Connolly. The “Irish Front” alone is not sufficient: it is necessary to have a centre which will carry on the work along social, cultural and educational lines. Such a centre will be the best monument to our Irish socialist leader, thinker, writer, military leader, and martyr – James Connolly.

The meeting heartily endorsed the proposal for the establishment of a Connolly Club, and elected a Committee to draw up plans. The Committee consists of the following: Sean Mulgrew, James Sally, Mrs. P. Quinn, P. Corbett, Tom Dunn, D. Henry, W. Mitton, T.J. McArdle, M. McInerney, C. O’Farrell, John McAvoy, and Ewart Milne. All interested and willing to co-operate in the building of the Connolly Club are invited to write to the Secretary, “Irish Front”, 17, Wine Office Court, Fleet Street, E.C.4, London.

M. McI.


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